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    I can't get it to work. When I receive the call all that is displayed is the name, no picture. Finally got the manual out and followed the step by step directions to no avail.

    Thanks for any help on this.
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    Are you adding the picture id with the Contacts portion?
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    Just went into contacts to this person and his photo is next to his name with the info.

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    if i can slightly hijack the topic, can anyone tell me if their caller id pictures are smaller than a postage stamp? having never used it before the 650, i don't know what's 'normal' or if there's a way to make the image bigger.
    i had assume the image would be a lot larger when i first heard about the caller id picture option.
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    Okay, got it working on another contact but with this one contact, it will not work. I will keep working on it.
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    the picture caller ID is unbelievably SMALL!!!!! I thought it was because the call I got was while I was on another call. what a great waste of screen resolution.
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    bumping here, i'm curious if anyone else has the problem with the tiny caller ID picture. when someone calls in, the picture that pops up is no more than half an inch on each side, rather than filling most/all of the screen, which i'd thought it would do. i need glasses to be able to make out who it really is, and that's not too helpful to have to do while the phone is ringing.

    conversely, does anyone out there have T650 and the picture comes up larger - say, at least an inch on each side, maybe an inch and a half?
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    regarding the issue of the picture not coming up w/some contacts. make sure you don't have the same phone number under two contacts.

    another guess is the image size may be too large for it to work under the caller id function. for some caller id pics, i take a picture off my computer screen so that the image sizes are consistent.

    caller id pic size is pretty lame!
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    yeah i asked the guys at the treo roadshow about the small picture size in caller id and he told me it was because the image that is stored in the contact file is so small... also if you open up these contacts in outlook on your desktop, the picture is in there too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by horsmanp
    also if you open up these contacts in outlook on your desktop, the picture is in there too...
    Interesting, because this is not happening for me, since I am using Beyond Contacts for my contacts syncing. Guess they need to make an upgrade?

    Or can I path this somehow in the configuration file??

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