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    I ordered a 650 on Nov. 17 from Sprint customer service and at the end of the conversation the guy said "Your phone will ship in about 8 business days"- this is after he charged my credit card and told me that the phone was available to ship out the next day- so during the same conversation I cancelled my order and he gave me a "case/reference number". Anyways I still have no credit back to my account and its the 27th. This is totally illegal. I called wed to see what happend to my credit and the guy spent about 35 minutes searching around and then said he would have to transfer me to another dept. which was a recorded messaging saying that the office was closed. So, I just got off the phone again and after another 30 minutes the lady said that I had a credit on my account, meaning my sprint bill, not my credit card. So they charged my credit card and kept the money, then posted a credit on my sprint bill. Amazing. Yet when I called to order the phone the guy specifically told me that I could not just add the phone to my sprint account, I had to use a credit card. At most places (except sprint) they always credit you back the same way you originally paid for something that way if there is a problem you can figure it all out and avoid fraud. This is really a crappy company and the level of stupid / untrained employees is really mind numbing.
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    They gave you a $600 credit to your phone bill????

    Good gracious. For some people, that is about 6 months worth of service.

    Really, Sprint has a great voice/data network, but I would rather deal with DMV personnel than Sprint's "Customer Service".

    They are consistently rated last by J.D. Power & Assoc for CSR. They are notorious.

    However, they do have the best phones at the best data prices .....

    I would dispute the charge with your credit card company. That's what you pay all that interest for. Protection agains such shenanigans.
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    I have been with SprintPCS since 1997. The lack of good customer service has been there all this time. After seeing this trend for such a long time I decided to find out for myself why. A new SprintPCS store opened up recently so I went there asking if they had any openings. Sure enough they did. I bugged them for a couple weeks because I did not get any response but finally they said "can you come in and take our "characterizing" test? I asked what is that? They indicated it is a test they give to all prospective employees. So long story a wee bit shorter...I took the test.

    Also, let me tell you that I had been in contact with a few store managers who all told me to be careful with the test. Don't think outside of the box. Don't do this, dont do that. Just be a robot is what one told me. They also warned me that their district manager had taken the test and had flunked it.

    Well, I flunked their test too. Now I am someone who has sold millions of dollars worth of computer equipment and they said I am not qualified to sell a cellphone? This might give you some idea of why we are all having customer service problems. They are filtering and hiring only those who fill some gawd awful criteria but results in us experiencing the worst in wholesale customer service.

    Ask me if I care whether or not I got this job? (grin) I got the answers I was looking for. I stay with SprintPCS purely for their technical service. The actual PCS service is pretty dog gone good. But even after top management shackup a few years ago the problem of poor customer service still exists in spades with SPRINTPCS.

    I ignore their customer service except for buying and implementing. Otherwise I just use it.

    Thought you would enjoy hearing about this.

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