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    90% of Windows apps are great, and only10% are junk?

    Sounds good to me... ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by anastrophe
    heh. i'd love to hear the backstory on that one!
    Pure idiocy... I went to visit another cube. Guy that sits in the neighboring cube stands up and calls over to me, "your Blackberry is going off". I say "toss it to me". He throws it like a football, and of course like any other geek, I completely miss the catch. Oops. Hits the wall with a dull thud. I thought it was toast.

    Picked it up, and everything was still there.

    It remains the one device I don't have have to be careful with, and maybe I've pushed the boundaries of good taste.
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    Talk about a completely hijacked thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    90% of Windows apps are great, and only10% are junk?

    Sounds good to me... ;-)
    Yes, that is a pleasant fiction isn't it. Trouble is that doesn't include to POS operating system.
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    I think the reason that the Treo appears to be more flimsy is that it has a touch screen. If you put a touch screen on a BB it becomes just as flimsy. Conversely if you had a full glass-like solid screen on the Treo it would be considered less flimsy. Personally, I'm all about the touch screen.
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    In the future, please never use the words "fox" and "news" in the same sentence
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    which is the POS operating system, Palm or PPC? :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by firefinder24
    HUH?!?! How many americans died due to clintons inability and unwillingness to stop Usama and Saddam when he had a chance. I'm sorry but the deaths you see in Iraq and Afghanistan are directly from clinton being more concerned about his image than what needed to be done to protect the american people. I know - clinton was the reason I left the military, due to his blunders and his cowardness in letting us do our job. Semper Fi, I served and my friends have died to protect your freedoms.
    Why is Bush setting up repressive Islamic Republics in Irag and Afghanistan? Islamic Republics are the opposite of freedom.
    Every pixel a picasso
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    At the risk of further going down a political thread that is unnecessary...

    Bush isn't setting up anything over there. They are electing the gov't they want.

    Whatever side you are on, make no mistake - while we pontifi╠
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    i'm going to say "hitler" and "nazis" so that this thread can come to an appropriate godwins-law end.
    Paul Theodoropoulos
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    This thread is going nowhere, thread closed.
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