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    Was curious as to whether other T650 users have the same problem that I have, although this is not a major problem.

    My n, w key and space key do NOT make the same solid click when pressed and in fact it is hard to know if I have pressed them. The result is normally several of those characters being displayed when I only wanted 1.

    So, not a major problem but an annoyance since the rest of the keyboard is so great. I'm pretty sure that I will get a replacement T650 for this since that, at least for me, means that my T650 is defective.

    I bought the T650 from Palm 1 but can I can a replacement through Sprint? With my T600 I bought it from BB and replaced it through Sprint like 5 times!! Hoping I won't have to do this with my T650.

    I know I can always drop into the Spring store and see what they say.

    Just wanted to ask what other people did with their T600's when bought from P1 and had to replace them.

    Thanks all.

    Love the T650, think it is a nice improvement over the T600 and apart from the few faulty keys, I love it
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    The n, w, and space keys all sound about the same as the other keys on my 650. My "P" key is slightly different but behaves fine.

    Just out of curiosity, how do others feel about the thumbboard in general? I think I may actually prefer the 600's (which I don't particularly care for). I like that the 650's keys are bigger and flatter but they're also closer together and I think I end up hitting nearby keys more frequently than on the 600. Plus, there's a "rattly" sound/feel when typing. They just feel "cheaper" I guess.

    Then there's the too-bright backlight issue. Actually, the problem with the backlight, IMO, is not that it's too bright but that they shouldn't have colored the keys white. They should have kept the same coloring as the 600 so that the letters were white. The 650's blue number keys look fine: very readable but not obnoxious and distracting. The white keys are very annoying.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Anyone also notice that the backlihgting on the 650s keyboard is inconsistent and splotchy. I was gonna try and exchange mine but I got on here and noticed pics of others and they all have the same pattern of light and dark. ust trying to get a consensus.
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    I should have done a search before I posted at The keys you name are fine on my 650. Hmm, sounds like a few units do have some keyboard inconsistencies though. Something to keep an eye on...

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