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    Hey folks!

    The Macintosh Address Book has TONS of BlueTooth options

    these include -

    - dialing your cell through your Mac

    - Caller ID on your mac, for incoming calls

    - SMS sending from Mac, through cell, etc etc etc

    Unfortunately, I cannot get my Mac's Address Book to connect with my Treo 650, for the purposes of showing caller ID's and dialing

    I know that my Mac and 650 are working well because Sailing Clicker has worked extremely well, as has HotSyncing... however, is there anyway to get this to work with the Address Book's options?

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    Great find! I'm wondering if the connection issues have more to do with Sprint or P1 disabling this feature on the handheld? Just like the DUN was disabled... If anyone else has details on making this work, I'm interested as well.
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    Have you tried BluePhoneMenu? Let me know if it works - should put all Bluetooth functions in the menu bar instead of in Address Book, so you don't have to keep Address Book open all the time to interact with your phone. Maybe this'll do it if Address Book won't.
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    I tried BluePhoneElite ---- it was able to connect with my Treo, but it couldn't do any of the other functions

    Any hacks out there on how to disable the DUN?
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    Apple will have to update there end to make the address features work. Sure its coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donnyb
    Apple will have to update there end to make the address features to work. Sure its coming.
    The Macintosh and OS X has the most advanced Bluetooth capabilities around.
    It already has the capability, it just doesn't work with Palm devices because the PalmOne hardware does not allow for this kind of connection. The software(OS) has its restrictions placed as well.
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    any hacking ideas??? anyone.....?

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