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    I have been using a Tungsten C with Docs to Go and the Inbox To Go component sync's with my Outlook email.

    Just got the 650 and don't know my server to setup Veramail to pull mail. Have no problems with POP accounts, but also need to sync my Outlook (corporate) email to my 650 - how can I do this?

    My whole reason for getting the 650 was that I was begining to look like Batman with a phone, palm and blackberry on my belt - I thought I could get it all with the 650, but have not yet figured the mail piece of the puzzle.

    How can I simply sync my Outlook (exchange) mail?

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    unless you have MS Exchange 2003 and your IT administrator will allow you to break through the firewall, your only options appear to be Sprint Business Connection (which I haven't found to be very user friendly), Inboxtogo (which is very limiting in that you can't set up a schedule to pull emails), or Sproqit (which I haven't played around with enough to have an opinion). Not great choices. Visto and Infowave (symmetry pro) have both gotten out of the redirector business in the past few months.

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