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    Most of the dongles on eBay seem to be BT 1.1 and the 650 is 1.2, right? Would I be selling myself short if I got a 1.1 dongle?
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    Actually, the 650 is BT 1.1.
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    But get a 1.2 dongle.
    It'll work better with other 1.2 devices and won't work any worse with the 650 and other 1.1 devices.

    And since the 650 has the hardware necessary for 1.2 it just might maybe not likely but just possibly be updated to 1.2 via rom update or hack some day.

    Also, try for a Class-1 dongle.
    Class-2 = 10 meters.
    Class-1 = 100 Meters.

    Again, the 650 is only Class-2 (and almost certainly can never be anything else) but the dongle can still work better with other Class-1 devices if you ever get any.

    It's worthwhile to make the dongle as good as possible since it's a single central part that can work with many others, hotsync, headset, mouse, keyboard, speakers, printers, ... some of those may benefit from the class-1 or 1.2 even though the 650 won't.

    the iogear gbu311 is a class-1 1.2 dongle and is nice & tiny. I have the 211 and only discovered the 311 on-line after buying the 211 in a retail store.

    There is a potential reason to intentionally stick with class-2 though. Since bluetooth and wifi share the same frequency range, you might not want your bluetooth to have exactly the same power and range as your wifi, thereby possibly interfering with your wifi over the whole of your wifi's coverage area instead of just near your computer.

    I want Class-1 though. As long as all the devices are bluetooth 1.2 they won't interfere with wifi or suffer interferance from it very much because 1.2 impliments an amazing frequency hopping scheme that changes freq's 1600 times per second! I'm searching for a headset that claims 1.2 and class-1 so I can walk a long way away from my laptop (which has voip software so it too is a phone whenever it has an internet connection)

    But Class-1 strength radio may be deemed an unacceptable health hazard if the transmitter is actually worn on your ear and stays right against your skull several hours a day every day for years... So, maybe no one will ever make one and/or maybe only some korean outfit with no safety regulations to worry about. If that turned out to be the case, I guess I'd rather skip the cancer thanks and live with keeping my phone close at hand.
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