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    My touchscreen is not responsive for seconds at a time. And, yes, I have digitized. Are others experiencing this or do I have a defective unit?
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    Did you recently apply a screen protector?
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    Yes, a Boxwave. I'm aware of the "tension" issue and thought I applied it "loosely". The problem was there even before (although I had the palmOne screen protector on there from the start)...
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    eh, who knows....maybe its a defective unit then...

    Hey I got a it true that my vision services wont be provisioned until my number is ported from Verizon? I thought I could still use vision even though my number was not ported....but nothing works (I keep getting error: 3000 messages), and the sprint people said I had to wait. Only problem is I donít like staring at a $600 paperweight.

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