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    I have had this new TREO650 for a week now, have had to hard reset it 12 times now, due to looping of it's operating system. Regardless of which application I might be using from Email or SMS or other, the phone just goes into a loop requiring Hard Reset.

    I called Sprint today, they told me they can not help, to take it to a sprint phone center for testing... Looking up online, other Sprint users are having this same exact issue, and each time you have to hard reset, yep, you loose everything.... So hotsyncing the phone is a must when anything has been changed, else I continue to loose those changes..

    As it seems and is to be expected, any new phone is not bug free, but one would have thought that PalmOne would have at least worked out this significant bug prior to public release....

    A very frustrated TREO650 owner....

    I hope PALMONE reads this!!!! If they do, PLEASE RESEARCH And FIND A FIX!!!!! Sprint says they can't open any issue and can not open any issue with Palm One.... as per "Mr. Chuck (who does not have a last name" Spring Technical Support Manager.

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    Please read this thread - it helped me with the same problem
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