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    I have setup a host on my treo...

    Run WFI and connect to this address to play.

    If you don't have WFI, get it here....

    Use this thread if you create a host. Or check to play against others.
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    Cool. It works but whoever joined didn't stay for long. Give it a try...

    Connect to Or host your own. It displays the IP when you create the host.
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    I was just connected to you, but it had too much network lag.
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    Yeah, I noticed. Try again. I didn't have much lag with another person.
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    Its still trying to search. You didnt have an lag with the other person?
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    Try now. Set to 4X play.
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    It shows were both ready, but nothing is happening. Do you have to click go?
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    we're on...
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    You geeks having fun?
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    sprints newtwork will not work. Wifi is necessary.
    Too much lagg. I tried it on the 600 a few months ago
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    Yea, it was laggy the whole game. Is their a way to go thru you computer to high speed internet? Good Game Xeno
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    It worked but was laggy. Nice game GF. I played with someone next to me over phone and it wasn't nearly as laggy. BlueTooth is extremely fast with no lag.

    Yes, it is possible to do BlueTooth dialing into your PC that is on broadband. That should be fast.

    GF and I played an entire game that took what, 30-45 minutes?
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    Do you know how to set that up, I have bluetooth and would like my Blazer to run on high speed when at home, and WFI. It took about 45 mins. Every 2-3 sec had network lag.
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    I've done it on my Zodiac but haven't tried on my T650. Check out the forums at and search for bluetooth networking. There is a guide on there that has step by step with pics.
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