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    I know it may sound stupid with all the expensive cases out there, but at the end of the day I just used my regular included Treo 600 case. Unfortunately, I sold it with my Treo 600 on eBay expecting a new one with my 650. Well no such luck. Now I have no case for my new phone and really again I just want the old one back.

    Has anyone tried to see if their Treo 650 will fit in the old freebie Treo 600 case?
    If so, does anyone want to part with their old case. I'll be happy to paypal the shipping costs to you and maybe a few bucks for your loss :-)

    Let me know,

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    I may be willing to part with mine. Never used mine...I don't see how anyone could use it and like it
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    I hear you, anyone who doesn't care about the belt clip, but wants a durable case that will protect the phone from drops, dirt, pocket lint etc would love that old case... I am currently using a t600 krussel case that I've COMPLETELY butchered to make it fit wonderfully on the t650... It really if growing on me fast now that I removed the leather patch that held on the belt clip...
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    Im using the 600 case right now because I dont have one for the 650.
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    Anyone know of places carrying the included 600 case or something reasonably similar to it? I'm also much more interested in finding a pocket slip cover, rather than get something bulky to go on a belt.
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    I miss my old 600 case as well. The thing I liked most about it is it protected the screen pretty well.
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    I'm at 28079. I know it is a dumb case to look at, but I just keep the phone in the case in my pocket and it protects it very well. If the 650 fits in there, that is all I need from a case!

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