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    I have yet to see a thread on download speeds for the 650.

    I doubt the CDMA network speeds will be all that different, but rendering should be a little different, hopefully. Go to to test it out and please post speed and location.

    Could you try testing this on a laptop with the bluetooth hack as well?

    Also...just for good measure...could someone please time the differences in rendering web pages (i.e. -,, or your personal favorite) on 600 and 650 and post results?

    Thanks in advance to all who rock by posting to this thread.

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    On Blazer: 80-100Kbits/sec
    Via BlueTooth hack: up to 100Kb/sec
    Via PDANet USB: up to 120Kb/sec
    Via PDANet BT: upto 80Kb/sec

    Tip: When setting up the dial-up networking on XP for the BT hack, change the modem properties serial port to over 230K. It defauts to 115K for the serial port. At 115K, I could not ever get over 80Kb/sec. Setting over 230K, I could get up to 100Kb/sec.

    Avg file download speeds on WinXP, I range from 8K-15K Bytes/sec, mostly 10-12KB/sec. WinXP IE browsing speed is great with moderate graphic sites and quite acceptable with heavy graphic sites. The DUN feature alone is worth the price of the 650 if you use a data card. Downside though is that you can't use the phone while connected.

    BTW, I was playing raidioioambient radio station over Windows Media Player via BlueTooth and it never skipped or rebuffered.
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    107 kbit/sec - Dayton, OH - 3 bars signal strength at the moment.
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    There have been several people posting speeds on here. Try a search.
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    There may be...but I'm not sure what keywords to use to find speeds dispersed throughout the entire forum. That's why I'm requesting a thread with various methods as well.

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    Hey, thanks for the link xenophonite! I like that radio station a lot!
    I'm not sure I understand how you were playing this via bluetooth. Could you please explain that a little more? Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite

    BTW, I was playing raidioioambient radio station over Windows Media Player via BlueTooth and it never skipped or rebuffered.
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    I was playing it on WinXP via BlueTooth connection to the phone. Worked well.

    Yes, radioioambient is my favorite inet station. Listen to it daily. I hope they survive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm
    I have yet to see a thread on download speeds for the 650.

    I got 87kbit/sec with 1.593s latency and 19.88 d/l time for a 200k test.

    3 bar signal.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nswenson
    I noticed that while trying to surf the internet, the Web Browser performance seems very sporadic. Sometimes it will only load pages partially or not at all, showing 'Receiving', but nothing is coming. The internet connection is fine, as I'm able to stream 128mbit Shoutcast streams with no problem. The problem is that Sprint hardcodes a proxy server. If you look at the proxy settings under Options-> Preferences-> Advanced-> Set Proxy, you'll see that none is specified; however Sprint is forcing their own proxy server if none is specified. I found that if you enter a good proxy server the performance and reliability is hugely increased. I found a list of free proxy servers on
    My last question is could someone with a 650 try changing Blazer's proxy to one found at the link above, then try the mobile speed test and TIME it as well...when compared to the 600. The timing part is essential because the speeds probably shouldn't vary all that much, but the lag between "Requesting" and "Receiving" should be shorter...and the mobile speed test does not record the lag time. Also, give results for BT/tethered connections.

    Thanks again.
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    120Kb/s, 2.004s latency, 15.286s d/l time. Indianapolis, 2 bars, 200kb test using PDAnet/USB.

    I'm finding download bandwidth to be acceptable (particularly compared to dialup, my only other option at the moment), but latency is a killer.
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    Does changing the default proxy only apply to Blazer or any app that accesses the Sprint network. I assume proxy is applicable for port 80 only or does Sprint auto proxy other ports?

    That is, would PocketTunes streaming be proxied?
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    I'm pretty sure it's Blazer only, since it's a Blazer preference, and not an OS preference. However, I could be wrong...I don't even have a 650, still a 300. I'm not sure what port shoutcast streams use, but I'd imagine it'd be 80 since they are http links. But, like I said...I think the proxies only affect Blazer. I wish someone would convince me otherwise, though.

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