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    In preparation for receiving T650 should old palm desktop be removed before installing new synch software?
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    I assumed yes, but I am still having trouble getting the USB hotsync to work. It worked at first, then stopped. Since then, I've gone through the registry numerous times, deleting any Palm, Pilot, Handspring, or Visor entries I can find, and it still won't let me reinstall the device. It says it detects new hardware, but then says there is an error (would be great if it actually told me, I can't find anything in the events).

    I was leaning towards thinking this was a hardware problem, but the fact that Windows thinks a new device is there makes me think my configuration is just messed up. I'm about a day or so away from decided to reinstall everything on my laptop (which will take about 20 hours to get everything re-installed, yuck...).
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    It doesn't state specifically, but there's a good support document about setting up the 650 for the first time.
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    We had a problem with one of the cables that came with the 650. You might want to try a different cable also.

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