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    my 600 recently has been cursed with a dreaded no service bug! Even if the signal shows 4 bars it will just drop out and say no service. At first i thought it was a program i may have installed so i wiped it and with nothing loaded, it still does it. And once it starts it takes me like 20 times to get a line out? I dial a number and almost instantly it will say no service? Any idea what this problem is. It also aprears to be random, doing it for a while and then it goes away? then in a day or so it comes back.

    Also the phone has been suffering from lock ups. Where in the middle of a call the phone will just reboot. or it will freeze and require a pin reset? any clues? Other than the phone sucks?
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    Also experiencing the a "no service issue". Outgoing and incoming calls are dropped constantly - depending on the area. Called Sprint Tech support. Tried a software upgrade - did not solve the issue. Went to the Sprint Store for the Technician to check out on their service machine. The Sprint Store could not locate any problems. My last resort is take advantage of the warranty.

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