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    Can some of you lucky ppl with Treo 650, post some pictures with the new camera. I've seen couple here or there, but would like to see more, and if possible more comparisons with old Treo 600 pics.

    Both indoor and outdoors samples would be great.

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    Some links to photos were posted in this thread. Samples have been posted in earlier threads as well.

    FWIW, as I mentioned in the first linked thread, I moblog with my Treo 650, and post all my images - good or not - over here.

    By the by, I got the basic form fit case, and was bummed to discover that it covers the camera. I ended up shoving the case into my paper hole-puncher and making a peep-hole! Of course, if I don't have it lined up right when I click the shutter, you get the whole "peep-hole effect" (i.e. blacked out corners). I suppose I could get the holster, but I like something covering the Treo's corners all the time... any suggestions?

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