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    Previously using a Tungsten C and had the endless loop problem when I tried to upgrade to 650.

    Hard Reset and used new Hotsync ID to get it properly installed. Now the apps that I had registered are no longer registered. How can I get my original Hotsync ID to work and keep reg# that I have paid dearly for.

    BTW - love the phone, but I am having some problems with soft resets, have been used to using keyboard and graffiti together (no graffiti on the 650?) on the Tungsten C, and I want to delete the quick tour and welcome app and don't know how do to this.

    I have been following this site since I began considering the 650 a few months ago - I just recently registered and learing how things work here - you are a great resource...any help is much appreciated.
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    go to and do a search for username or tweakuser. i use multiple pdas (TungstenC for wifi, T3 for movies, T600 for phone and work). My registered software is under one username. My sync usernames are all different. The app username allows you to switch on the handheld. It's a lifesaver and it's free.
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    Sweet...thanks much!
    I love this place
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    You don't have to change your username if you're only going to sync one device from now on.

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