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    I got my new 650 today and I absolutely love it. The screen is just so impressive. I've had no memory problems at all. I have pTunes, iSilo, Laridian NIV Study Bible and Daily Reader installed and still have 13MB free. So far, I've had no problems at all and couldn't be happier. The camera is fantastic. I took all new pictures for my contacts and they are so much better than on my old 600. I've setup Versamail to access my personal and work email and that is working fine also. Now I don't consider myself a "power" user, whatever that is but frankly I can't see what all the complaining is about. I'm sure some folks have some valid complaints, but luckily I haven't run across them myself.

    I'm also very happy that the 650 fits in my Krusell case just fine.
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    I think the happy folks are actually in huge majority. Unfortunately, when you are happy you are unlikely to come to a forum like this, so we don't see much except for the unhappy folks. Bottom line is that no matter what they do, somebody is going to gripe about something.

    The T-650 is awesome, and destroys the T-600 in almost every category. The few downfalls it has aren't enough to warrant keeping a 600.
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