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    I have a 1gb SanDisk SD card, which has worked pretty well. It's not very fast, but it's functional.

    I ordered a 1gb Sandisk Ultra II for inreased performance after reading through some of the threads on this board.

    The company I ordered from instead sent me a 1gb kingmax platinum 60x SD card. They wrote "free upgrade" on the invoice. I'm a bit disapointed that I didn't receive what I ordered, but before returning the product I figured I'd test it's performance - maybe it's just as good or better than the sandisk ultra ii.

    Well, the card performs very well, but only for a very short period of time. If I use cardspeed, the first time I run it I get scores that are much better than my old card. If I run it a second time the test takes forever and the scores are pitiful. It tests well again after a soft reset, but behaves the same - after the first time the test is run, the scores bomb.

    If I run vfsmark, I get a great score on the first step of the test (filecreate), then the rest of the steps take forever and the scores are, again, pitiful.

    Has anybody seen anything similar? Any ideas? My old card still performs consistantly as expected, but this new card is just wacky. I'm not sure how to tell if it's the card or something with the device itself.

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    Although I don't have the Kingmax, I have read many posts which say the same thing. I believe that "upgrade" is a highly dubious label.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cstorer
    Has anybody seen anything similar?
    Yes. Read this thread, which will also reference you to this thread. Speed tests on freshly formatted cards always yield much higher results.


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