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    I read another thread where someone had poor performance with a BT headset in their home, but it worked good when the left the home. WiFi interference was the culprit.

    Right now both my PC and my laptop are connected using 802.11g. Is their any way to keep Bluetooth 1.1 and 802.11g from interfering with each other (channel setting on WiFi, etc.)? Also if I buy an BT 1.2 adapter, are they backwards compatible with BT1.1, just without some of the new features?
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    In my view, this is a "your mileage may vary" type of scenario. I have found that different brand headsets respond differently to my wireless network hardware (various routers, access points, and adapters) at home. Specifically, Jabra's (200 and 250) are horrible in my house. I am currently using a Moto HS810 and while there is some interference (clicking noises), it's not as bad as the Jabras.

    Yes, bluetooth 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.1 AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $Also$, $Bluetooth$ $1$.$2$ $helps$ $to$ $alleviate$ $the$ $frequency$ $interference$ $problems$ $of$ $1$.$1$, $but$ $since$ $the$ $Treo$ $650$ $is$ $a$ $1$.$1$ $device$, $the$ $point$ $is$ $moot$.
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    It's not just WiFi that'll cause interference; cordless phones can as well. My laptop either hiccups or loses the WiFi connection almost everytime the phone rings (and the base is in another room), so I'm hoping adding BT to the mix doesn't send me over the edge!
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    IHMO, any 2.4Ghz carrier gets in the way. With my Wi-Fi (b) at the house, my BT only worked good on my right side with the Jabra in my right ear. If I have it on left side and the Jabra on the right, it gets flaky.
    Just my 2-cents worth..
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    I have 54g Wireless network. The BT250 pops and clicks more than my G2 sitting next to the wireless router. Outside they both work well.
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    That really sucks. They should have BT in the higher 5.3 GHz band since it was only supposed to be for close comms. I bought a phone that works in the 5 GHz range (not sure if it is 5.3 or 5.8) specifically not to interfere with WiFi. Now Bluetooth has to start picking up steam and be in the 2.4 GHz range too. I wish Palm would upgrade this thing to BT 1.2 in a future ROM update since it can at least do AFH and skip over used WiFi channels.
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    So any other headsets that are as good or better than Motorola?
    Have the Jabro 250 and if I can't use it at home or in the office, what good is it??

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