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    Many times I find myself looking through my phone's addressbook for a number and dialing it manually on a land line phone, i was wondering if there were any treo utility that has reasonable integration with the addressbook and can generate DTMF tones to automatically dial other phones.
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    PhoneMagic application can dial DTMF tones automatically (phonemagic dot com). It is its own contacts application, but I have really liked it as a replacement contact app.
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    TeleTone is a helper utility for Palm OS-5 devices, such as the palm Tungsten-T and some Sony CLIE models (see below), with enhanced sound capabilities.

    It enables you to dial phone numbers from applications like TAKEphONE, the built-in address-book, Contacts 4, Super-Names etc. using DTMF (touch-tone) played on the device speakers.

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