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    Palm One did the right thing by offering to give power users an SD card. I say we act just as honorably and not accept it.

    If you're a power user for whom this memory issue is a problem, chances are you already have an SD card that's way bigger than 128 megs. What are you going to do with another one? Sell it on eBay? It'll get you a couple of bucks. Peanuts. Let's be honest, for most people, that extra card will sit in a drawer.

    We always rant on message boards about how companies should come clean when they're wrong and fix problems. Palm is doing that with the Treo 650. They're admitting fault and working on a problem. Why milk them?

    Taking the card is petty. Who's with me on this?
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    Agreed, I have more 1gb sd cards than I know what to do with... If anything I'd take it apart...
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    I'm gonna take it and bundle it with my T600 with my other 128 card to make it more attractive on ebay.
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