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    Any rumours when the GSM 650 will hit our rainy shores??? I'm guessing that Orange will probably take the lead.

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    Literally nothing but rumors. Orange carrying rumors, mid-2005 rumors.

    No facts.

    Maybe at the next earnings conference PalmOne will say something.

    Until then, treat it all as rumor.
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    I would sure like to know. i don't think I could wait till mid 2005 so am hoping by January...
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    Hmmm.. well, looking at the Orange site - the Treo 600 isn't even listed anymore..
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    has not been for a long time now
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    I spoke to an Orange guy last week and he recond on seeing it in February. I have to say I am a power user and am definately holding off until the memory issue is sorted out.
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    Rumours about the Orange 650 can be found here:

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