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    im thinking of switching from my blackberry to the treo. however i dont want to pay $600 for the 650. what are your opinions on the 600? is it still a viable option or should i stick with what i have.?

    im a att user, however i can migrate to cingular and qualify for new customer rebates. so im wondering what rebates will be available on the 650 from cingular.
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    They 600 is okay at best. But I dont know a single user who hasen't been through at least two of them. I went through four.

    I would stick with what you have until you can shell out for the 650. It's far superior and makes the 600 look like a glorigied Etch-a-Sketch.

    By the way, love your avatar. Equilibrium ROCKS!
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    thanks, thats the advice i was looking for
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    I had the same original Treo600 that I got from Handspring when it was released in October last year the whole time. I think it's better the the BB, (except the BB email sync is cool, but I think the 650 fixes that). I loved mine.

    Leave AT&T, go to Sprint, their data is faster (unless you have to have GSM for travle) and get $150 off from SPrint as a new customer, then sell your BB too, that will bring some more $$ your way too.

    Just some ideas...

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