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    Audacity Audio has just released Treo 650 updates for its voice recorder applications. The updates cover both the Audacity Personal Edition for users wanting a quality voice recorder for personal use, and the Audacity Professional Edition for mobile professionals with dictation needs. The LAM (Local Audacity Manager) software has also been enhanced with many new features. LAM is a desktop application packaged with the Audacity Professional Edition that enables automated file delivery to remote locations among its many features.

    The upgrades are free to existing Audacity users and may be downloaded from the Audacity website, Go to Products, Palm, Treo 600 and 650 Specific, Download Software. Your existing registration code will work with the new software as long as your HotSync ID remanes the same. A fully functional free trial demo is available to new users.

    Yesterday, Larry Becker of Brighthand published a review of the Treo 650, "Brighthand's First Impressions". It is a very positive review. I, too, am very impressed with the 650. For obvious reasons, I am specifically interested in audio quality. I found it to be very good on the 650, much better than on the 600. I think it is Palm's best implementation of audio to date.
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    can it be mapped to do one touch voice memo using T650's assignable button?
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    Just checked out their site. Not bad, but I don't really get a feel for this software from just the Web demo alone. Is there a review--warts and all--of this program posted on the Web?

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