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    The next month I'll be going to KL (Kuala lumpur), Singapore and USA (Texas), and I would like to get a new 650.

    Anyone here who can give me some prices (and places) for the 650 in Kuala lumpur, Singapore and US?

    I do not need a contract with the 650 and the phone needs to be unlocked.

    Thanks for any info.

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    GSM model will not be out next month.....
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    Are you saying that the 650's that some users here are using are not GSM models?
    If so.. What are they?

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    CDMA, the only GSM models I've seen were used by Palm execs at the Treo Roadshow.
    Word is the earliest we might see the GSM version is late december, it may be as long as January 2005
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    Thanks for the info.

    I guess I'll get one my next trip over (in March.)


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