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    Hi everybody,

    I'm starting this thread because I live in the UK where we dont have the treo 650 yet (on networks anyway). I am planning to upgrade my mobile telephone, and was going to get the Sony-Ericson p910i which looked rather spanking until I saw the new treo. I have always liked the treo 600, but its lack of some features put me off. Now the Treo 650 is out, I am looking for a bit of advice on a few things to help me decide which to buy.

    Cases: what is a good case for the 650? I dont want it to make the Treo really fat, but I want it to protect it well. Cases with the clear plastic over the screen, can you still use the stylus through this?

    Telnet: does anyone know if I can run older palm apps on the Treo 650? What I would really like to be able to do is to use it to telnet into my servers...

    Versus: which is 'better' do you guys think? I think the p910i will retain its value for longer (if I intend to sell it after a year) but the Treo looks better. Is it really?

    Thanks everyone.

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    oh, and 1 more thing: the keyboard on the Treo is important to me becuase I really want a keyboard. I know the p910i has one but it looks a bit limp. Is that so? Is the Treo 650 keyboard any good?

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    Treos keyboards are in general the best in their form factor. Treo 300 keyboard was on par or better than pager-blackberry ones, and thier current one is slightly less accurate than the current generation of RIMs (but much smaller). From what I hear the Sony P9x generation keyboards are flimsy at best. Suffers from the same problem as flip-phone keyboards.
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    guess it will be the Pxxxx, but heard that the design wont be that convincing. should be available around spring (apr, may)

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