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    Hey Guys,
    Treo 600 user with a Mac PB using MS Entourage as my mail app (works flawlessly) and was wondering if anybody here:
    Had a 600 and got a 650 then used a mac and smoothly synced over,
    Used Entourage conduits and synced isync and entourage
    Use bluetooth with the PB and the Treo to sync
    Is the Treo Sprint 650 software CD for XP, or XP and Mac? If not then how do you get the proper software? Use the old or nothing?

    I like my setup now and it works really good. I can sync my treo from my desktop XP at work then go home and sync my Powerbook. I want to do the same here....

    Will it be possible

    Thanks so much
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    My Mac and Entourage were synchronizing just fine with my Palm m130 and I had similar questions when I got the 650. I feared that running the installation disk would cause an upset of something that was working.

    I ran the 650 install disk and it went smoothly. I HotSynced with the button on the cable and it did not work. The problem was that the installer re-activated all the Palm conduits, so they were turned on as well as the Entourage conduit.

    I went to HotSync manager and turned off all the Palm conduits which had overlapping function with Palm, and I told the Entourage conduit "Entourage overwrites handheld" for all its functions, then tried again.

    This time it almost worked. It stopped in the middle of the date book sync. The error messages were a little unclear, but I finally figured out that the 650 was out of memory.

    The reason is that the sync also downloaded some big map files for FireViewer, which I did not want but which were evidently in my Backup folder on the Mac from a long-ago session learning how to put big files on a SD card.

    So, I deleted the map files from the Backup folder on the Mac, as well as some applications I didn't need (you won't need Graffiti on the Treo). Then I hard-reset the 650, reset the conduits like I said above, and hot synced.

    This time it worked fine. I'm quite happy.
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    Thanks Mibo...I feel better now.
    Did you get the bluetooth DUN to work with the PB yet?
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    Yes, I have dial-up networking working through bluetooth. I got the patch and the instructions from another topic, it works fine.

    Plus, I got bluetooth hotsync to work. So far, everything is awesome.
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    This time it almost worked. It stopped in the middle of the date book sync.

    I have this happen every time I try to sync my T600 with Entourage v.X Does anyone have any ideas?
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    How many times have you tried to sync it?

    The initial sync seems to fail a few times before being able to go through all the way. I've had to do an initial sync twice now because I broke the 650 screen and had to get a new one. With both units, initial sync stopped the first few times I tried, but eventually worked.
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    I've been trying since October now, must've synced 30 or 40 times. It's weird that it's only the calendar that won't sync...
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    Also, when I try to import info using the Entourage File>Import method it doesn't recognise my OS X copy of Palm Desktop...
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    Then I tried this, bearing in mind I have a copy of Entourage v.X

    Then I decided to delete all entourage conduits again, then move all of the Palm conduits (for Address, Calendar etc) out of the Disabled Conduits folder (where they had been placed by the entourage X sync conduit some years ago) and place them back into the conduits folder, as though I had never met entourage!. Then I reistalled the entourage conduit (from the program in the Office 2004 folder).

    Now everything works perfectly and repeatedly !!! I think that for some reason if you have a previous version of Entourage and the sync program had moved the Palm conduits already, then installing the newer entourage sync conduit is incomplete.

    Now, my calendar syncs back to last June but my contacts don't sync at all!
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    I don't think you can sync both Palm Desktop and Entourage. Is that what you're trying to do?
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    I'm trying to sync my Treo 600 with Entourage. I'm sure I used to able to do it with my Handspring Visor.
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    Here's an excerpt from the Missing Sync manual:

    "Please note that you can sync a Palm OS application on the handheld with only one conduit on the Mac. For example, you cannot sync your Datebook or Calendar application on your handheld with both the Datebook conduit from Palm Desktop and the iSync Palm OS conduit. Attempting to sync with two different conduits may result in data loss or corruption."

    I interpret that as meaning you can't sync to both the Palm desktop (which you mentioned in an earlier post) and Entourage.

    I've been trying to do something similar. I want to be able to sync to Entourage, but also to Mac Address Book so I can use .Mac to access contacts.
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    I am so frustrated. Treo 650 simply refuses to sync with Entourage. I am not a tech person. I doubleclicked the sync install thing that was in the additional features file with office 2004. I have turned off (i.e. set to do nothing) everything except the entourage conduit things. Won't sync. Am I going to be able to get it to sync or should I take it back Sprint PCS support is no help with Entourage. Does anyone know what to do? Is there someplace I could take my mac and my treo to get it fixed?
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    I have been syncing my Treo 600 with Missing Sync and Entourage 2004 for a while now. Syncs everything. The only conflict I have found is with Missing Sync's Avant Go conduit, which will prevent Entrourage from Syncing with the Treo 600
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    Mac user to treo650.
    Im not 100% clear on this. Can the treo and entourage sync both the calendar and address/phone book? Is the calendar that you use on the treo the stock one that it came with..or do you have to go with a different calendar program and shut off/yank out the palm cal?
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    Possible suggestions:

    turn off anti-virus protection

    check to see that all "enable synchronization" check boxes and so forth are checked. Microsoft put in some weird redundancy.

    choose appropriate settings in drop down menu AND Settings button. Microsoft has weird ways of organizing stuff.

    If you have already run the conduit once, I believe you then have to check the boxes labeled "Do once and then syncronize". Again, Microsoft's methodology is ridiculous.

    If it still doesn't work, check this e2sync thread.

    This is a third party conduit that runs as a whole seperate deal. It will even sync your Treo 650 categories with Entourage categories and iCal calendars and vice versa. Same for Address Book and Tasks.
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    e2sync works....I just downloaded the ten day trial of e2sync.

    entourage and treo are syncing up. Had to jump through a couple small hoops, but finally got my treo sync'd up. I'm not sure if missing sync is any better..I like the thought of mounting the card to the desktop..but read that missing sync is slightly buggy. Anyways, if anyones interested I'll let you know how it goes with e2sync. Wish me luck.
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    It took me a while to sync when changing from a 600 to a 650 with Entourage 2004. The main reason it would only sync partially on the datebook (calendar) or todo (task) was because I was running out of room.

    The Treo 650 has the old version of datebook plus calendar (see other threads). The file sizes are almost duplicated. Entourage doesn't seem to use the new calendar database even though I have that checked in the Entourage conduit. If the old datebook isn't there, it won't sync. If it does sync, it can double the amount of space needed because of the duplicate databases. It runs out of room during the sync and dies on calendar or tasks.

    I had to delete some apps off of my Treo, install the new software, let it sync to the standard Palm desktop, install the Entourage 2004 conduit and resync again. As long as I keep free memory at 4 mgs or so, I'm ok but if I install another app, my sync dies again.
    T650 Unbranded w/Cingular
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    I freshly istalled Palm Desktop

    I upgraded iSync + installed iSync Palm Conduit

    I started syncing with Entourage 2004

    Categories seemed to be synced also

    Installed DateBk

    Used Exchange Activesync because I want mail from my Exchange Server

    All appointments go to Unfiled on the Treo

    I resynced using the Hotsync cable

    Categories do not want to sync any more

    tried the Entourage Conduit ... also no category sync (and it's a native micro**** tool , can't they do ANYTHING right ? I wonder...)

    Side Note :

    Eat my *** and balls Gates ... I'm a luck Mac owner and fort this one program I need Microsoft and yep you guessed it ... it's crap

    and the he wonders why he gets pies thrown into his face in Belgium

    jealous of things working on Mac I guess

    Lots of issues with Exchange Active Sync and Entourage as well ... same reason probably

    Anyone know what I need as a setup to be able to sync appointments WITH their categories to and from my Treo 650 ?

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    try e2sync
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