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    For T600 and T650 at
    Want mp3/wav ringtones , Audio and Video recording for your Treo600/650? visit
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    Yes but:

    Freedom does not work the Bluetooth on the Treo650 but it DOES with the headset.
    Is there any update for this?! That would make it a killer utility imo...
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    $15?!? It's more like a $5 app.
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    1.3.4 has been released.

    - compatible with Treo600/650.

    - Added MIC Speaker output. This is the speaker that you hear
    when you are talking to the caller.

    - Added feature to redirect the ringtone to the speaker if you
    are not there to answer the call.

    - Added feature to auto answer the incoming call if the headset
    is plugged in. Freedom will not auto answer for the 3rd conference call.

    - Added MIC speaker volume. This is the volume that you hear
    when you are talking. If the volume is too low then you can adjust it or
    tap on the Max. button. This value is not saved therefore you must
    launch Freedom each time if you need to change the volume. This is bug
    in Freedom or on Treo. We are not sure why this value isnt saved by the PalmOS.

    - Added new PocketTune screen.

    - Added new options for One and Two button presses such as Pause.
    Want mp3/wav ringtones , Audio and Video recording for your Treo600/650? visit

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