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    Well, as susual after speaking to Tier 2, I turn to treocentral for the real help.

    what were palmOne thinking?

    I have a bunch of e-mails stored ONLY on my Palm Treo 600 in the MAIL program in the FILED box.

    Since MAIL is incompatible with 650, of course It did not sync through when I got my 650 up and running.

    You cannot BEAM from within MAIL (not that my IR is working anyway), so how do I get my FILED folder in MAIL,transferred over to my 650 VersaMail folder. I KNOW I COULD disconnect my 650, reconnect my 600 and forward all th e-mails individually - but there has to be an easier way?

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    I never used the HS mail app, so I don't know if this will work, but I thought it couldn't hurt to suggest.

    If HS Mail sync the emails at all, they should either be in your Palm Desktop or in Outlook. Simply move them ON YOUR DESKTOP to the folder for your new device, or alternatively used THE DESKTOP to forward those emails to an address that versamail on your 650 is linked to, and download them to your new Treo.

    Of course this only works if the HS mail app syncs the emails over to your desktop. I imagine it would, but probably over to Palm Desktop only. The execution may be a little daunting, especially if you used the same device ID on your 650 as you did on the 600 (probably did) and need to sync the 600 one more time to get the emails over, but hopefully you get the concept (and hopefully HS mail syncs!).

    If absolutely necessary, you may need to open the HS Mail DB file on your desktop with a text editor and manually extract the info. Definitely a pain in the ****, and I'm not sure if it will work properly, but I had to do something similar when a friend of mine crashed his Treo 90 and hotsync lost some info. Not fun, but (eventually) effective.

    Hope it works out for you!

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