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    I just received a FREE 650 from palmone as I have been through 13 treo 600's in the past 12 months.

    The first sync had the loop and then diid a hard reset and started from scratch.

    But I have tried beaming from my 600 to my 650 and only on 2 of 17 tries did the 600 find the 650 and was able to complete the beam?

    Any comments anyone?
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    I just beamed my entire contacts list from my 600 to my (demo) 650 in about 4 seconds with no problem at all...

    This said, I have had the keyboard backlight simply die -- a reset brought it back, but this is a brand new (6 hours old, maybe) unit that's never been sync'ed, no 3rd party software, nada.

    Also finding the that VersaMail isn't handling multiple imap accounts very well, and that when using ActiveSync, it only gets new messages. When defining other, non-activesync accounts, there is an option to only grab new messages. Activesync accounts seem to have no such option, yet it's only getting new ones (can't see any old mail).

    I've also made 2 phone calls from different locations and both people had difficulty hearing me. My sanyo 4500 sounded fine from the same locations. Been looking forward to the 650 for a long time, but now I'm not so sure. Getting this demo ahead of time may have just saved me $600...
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    Ive been sending stuff via IR from my Tungsten C and it is working fine
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