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    Everytime i click on a link on a webpage in Blazer on my T650, it soft resets. anyone else having this problem, and if so, any thoughts on how to fix it?
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    same thing happened to me today -- even when trying to access these discussion boards. You are not alone.
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    What does ##ERR say?
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    Word Complete crashes Blazer
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    Interesting... On the Treo 600 this was caused by corrupted Blazer cookies and cache which had to be maunually deleted using a file manager like FileZ. After deleting them, Blazer will automatically re-create these files and the reset problem would be solved. Has anyone tried this procedure on the Treo 650. Also, I assume a fix similar to this is probably listed PalmOnes's knowledge support pages...
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    Same thing happened to me. I tried deleting the cache and cookies but it still would reset. Then I used the phone quicklist feature to save a URL and that worked fine. After that Blazer worked just fine. Strange
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    I had this happen also while a page was loading.. crashed and reset the Treo.

    OK Now this is a common problem it seems.

    Is this device ready for prime time?
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    Tried accessing a review of Missing Sync on the Macworld web page and that page makes the TREO lock up completely!

    Have to reset (I just pulled the battery until I found the soft reset button).
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    I'm still having this problem -- off and on since I got the 650. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to the type of pages that I view when it resets. Is there a fix?
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    same here. semi-random crashes in blazer. they *seem* to occur most often the instant i click/tap on a link. as if the focus change is what's doing it, rather than anything inherently on the page doing it. dunno though. it's usually startling enough that i blank out on exactly what caused it.

    frustrating. i've decided to burn my T650 in effigy, and will be consulting a voodoo specialist to put a hex on palmone.

    or not.
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    Is their anyway to see how much RAM is free on the 650 while you have Blazer open? I wonder if since the app is opened in the RAM to run, if the RAM is running out of memory since it hasto run Blazer, and I would assume all of the associated caches, and other files used by Blazer. This is just a thought since I have read that using up the NVRAM causes a crash loop, could the RAM getting completely used causing the device to lockup, and the reset cleans out the RAM freeing the space back up.

    Maybe it is a good thing VC is taking so long getting me my Unit. Maybe they will have a ROM fix for some of the major bugs the 650 apparently has.
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    I have this same issue. Happens when hitting a link or bookmark
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    The folks who make BackupMan have a theory that a bug in the new NVFS can cause "random" crashes. The more you read/write to the NVFS the more likely you are to crash.

    I wonder if Blazer caching is what's causing you folks to crash?
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    I get plenty of crashes, but none while surfing with Blazer.
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    Hm. I've had plenty of crashes, but only in the ROM apps (Blazer, Versamail). Ironically, all the third party apps I use (SnapperMail, VeriChat, PalmPrices) haven't crashed at all.
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    System Error Log (##377) A reset was caused on 12/18/04 at 9:21 pm while running web: Fatal Exception.
    My blazer led to a soft reset after I hit the Home button after accessing my hotmail account. I had cleared the history folder earlier. I think most crashes and resets are related to the signal strength, which seems to be the case for me, when I have only 1-2 bars on the signal strength my versamail or blazer fails or resets respectively.
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    set your cache to 0 and they should stop
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    Can you explain what you mean by setting to "0"?
    Shasta (Treo 650)
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    I have over 10 mg available in my RAM and yet when I try to download a zip (2day) of 95k and choose "save" to Handzipper it downloads it (or so it says) and then when I choose to "save" (not "save and open") it resets every time. What gives??
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdeshur
    Everytime i click on a link on a webpage in Blazer on my T650, it soft resets. anyone else having this problem, and if so, any thoughts on how to fix it?
    What worked for me was removing the battery and waiting a minute before putting it back in.
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