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    Quote Originally Posted by fstubbe
    Wow, I have the same problem! When I go to favorites and press CTR button on any one of them, it takes a few seconds for it to go ahead and perform the operation. Really weird! The T650 is supposed to have a much faster processor! And didn't Palm One check this with the pre-production units? Geez!!! It bothers the heck out of me! Why so much delay? In fact, sometimes I Hang Up a call, and it takes like 5 seconds for the phone to actually hand up the call. The person on the receiving end can hear everything me or anyone around me is saying in those 5 secs.

    Perhaps a software update can fix that. Hope they release that soon! Oh, and reception on the phone is horrible. Having real bad problems getting people to hear me right. Seems like good ol' Treo 600 worked much better there. These guys can't seem to get it right, eh? If it's not one thing it's the other...

    Yeah, bothers me, too. I think it's due to the new memory, though. Instructions have to be loaded from the new file system differently causing the delay; or so I've heard.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this thread. I was afraid that there was really something wrong with me as I also love my new 650. I'm either incredibly lucky or just not a "power" user like some of the others here - I've had a very good experience with my 650. I've only found one problem with a 3rd party app and the author is looking into that problem (and if not fixed, no big deal). Everything else has worked great. I love the screen. I had a PPC6601 for two weeks before returning it and the 650 screen puts it to shame IMO. My favorite programs pTunes, iSilo and Pocket Bible all work perfectly. I've loaded all my contacts, my calendar and my notes from Outlook and they all loaded fine. I've got Docs to Go setup and my Word and Excel files copied over to my SD card and it's working great. Docs to Go looks great on the 650 screen. I've got Versamail connecting to both my personal and work email services and it is working fine also. After loading all my stuff I still have 14MB free. So far I really have only one very small complaint - I wish the side button was just a press not a press and hold button. If this is the worst complaint I've got, I have no problems. I'm sure some of these "power" users do have problems, but I sure haven't seen them myself and couldn't be happier with my 650. I can't believe how great the camera is and I remember folks fussing here about that.
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    My husband is a "power user" (he has several fully provisioned pda phones on GSM AND CDMA that he puts through their paces daily for work-related reasons) and I am not, and we are both happy with the Treo 650. We both are accepting of the fact that while there are other devices out there that excel over the Treo in nearly every feature it offers, they don't all combine these features the way the Treo 650 does. The 650 is a great overall device.

    I do think people who are frustrated that its individual features are largely "merely adequate" have a legitimate gripe. If you think something could have been implemented better it's natural to question and complain about why it was not. And I acknowledge that there are phone issues we all are going to have to keep an eye on. But the overall package is still hard to beat...and I say that as the wife of a guy who has a several Blackberrys and two models of PPC phones and all three generations of CDMA Treos in our house--not to mention what our friends carry and let us test out.

    And keep in mind that while there are some kinks that need to be worked out, that seems true of all of these devices, especially the PPC phones. If you all think the Treo has issues, try troubleshooting a PPC phone! PPC phones can do a lot and offer so much, but the drawback is they're a bit more complicated and they're fat slabs. Maybe a more Treo-sized PPC phone will come out, but I certainly don't have access to one at this moment so I'm not going to sit here and pine for vaporware when I have the form factor I've always wanted in my hands right now. And with the PPC phones I've tried, you're more dependent on the stylus. I have switched over from a Hitachi g1000 which I loved and am even more fond of my Treo 600 because at long last I'm liberated from that stylus! My husband offered me the choice of a Treo 650 or an HP 6315 and even though the HP can do quite a bit more than the 650 can, I went for the 650 because it's more pleasant to use.

    I do keep hearing the complaint that people expect better for a $600 device. Well actually I was pricing other just plain old cell phones recently and I got quite a bit of nasty sticker shock looking at what they cost unless you qualify for a special new activation deal or rebate. These phones do a lot, but they're not true PDA phones, yet they can run pretty high. When I think of the feature set offered by the 650 in comparison, it doesn't seem so bad. Especially put it up there against one of the Samsungs.

    What I value my 650 for is that it keeps me in text, camera, and phone contact with my husband and other family members through a very hectic day and keeps me organized and when need be, entertained, with very little fuss and very little bother carrying or using it. So, I'm happy.
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    I also have the lag from clicking on a favorite, to the dialing screen. I'd say it averages about 1 second from clicking to seeing any response. This is quite annoying, especially since one of my main reasons for upgrading from the 600 was the faster processor and my hope for faster, not slower, responses. On the other hand, the web browser does seem faster/better than the 600. The keyboard seems slightly worse (I don't like the "rattle" of the keys) but maybe I will get used to it. But the screen is so much better that it makes up for a lot of shortcomings. I'll certainly stick with the 650 for a while longer before I consider downgrading back to my 600.
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    I've noticed the lag, too, but really only because everyone here mentioned it. Coming from PPC I would have accepted the lag without question. I guess it depends on what you are used to.
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    Nicely said. I couldn't agree more! A sweet package, along with some features that really shine above the rest.
    Quote Originally Posted by monkeywithacold
    What I value my 650 for is that it keeps me in text, camera, and phone contact with my husband and other family members through a very hectic day and keeps me organized and when need be, entertained, with very little fuss and very little bother carrying or using it. So, I'm happy.
    Yes, I agree with others that there is a small delay on the 650 between pressing a speed dial, until the screen actually shows the call. In my opinion, it's just the time it takes for the phone to dial the number. I wonder if someone who has a 650, and a 600 still active, if they could time the difference between when they press the speed dial button, to the time that they actually "hear" the ringing sound of the call going through.
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    tre0 600 was faster to dial. Wonder if it caN BE FIXED?
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