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    I found this discussion in searching out memory problem information:

    This gentleman suggests using the YAFFS file system versus the FAT file system. I did some preliminary research on YAFFS and it uses 512 byte pages so I don't know why it would be better. However I am posting the information so one of the more technical oriented TC members can make a comment on its value. I wonder if the P1 engineers looked into this?

    On a side note, all my stuff, less programs I no longer needed, fit into my 650. However I had 9MB free on 600 before I transitioned. Great screen and some nice usablility updates. I did lose the ability to use a program that required a serial connection. Overall for me it is a keeper!
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    Thanks for the heads up! Here are some following links to further explain the benefits of YAFFS (Yet Another Flash Filing System):

    YAFFS is the only file system, under any operating system, that has been designed specifically for use with NAND flash. YAFFS is thus designed to work within the constraints of, and exploit the features of, NAND flash to maximize performance. YAFFS uses journaling, error correction, and verification techniques tuned to the way NAND typically fails to enhance robustness. The result is a file system that exploits low-cost NAND chips and is both fast and robust.
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