I don't get all the whining...

Yes, the memory isn't as efficient. I also discovered that if you have a fast SD card (I already have a 1 gig unit) out of the box about 75% of the programs will safely run off the card. So I put all my big bloated games and the like on the card and have about 11mb free.

Yes, I get more resets. but 90% of my headaches originated with me trying to upgrade my old installation from my 600. Once I blew it out and did a fresh install it has been far more stable

I do find the new connection cable less solid and more clumsy than the old one. I hope it is possible to eventually get a USB charging cable that I could use int he future so I don't have to carry a power adapter with me and can charge it off my laptop.

That being said:
The new voice dialer is amazing

THe display is outstanding. Photos really look like photos. Even though the camera has the same resolution, it is night and day, literally, on picture quality

I haven't tried bluetooth yet, but it promises to be great

The removable battery is a must have

The unit seems to have a significantly better battery life

The keyboard feel and layout allows me to type about 30% faster.

Versamail is quite excellent. Handles every email type account and even Activesync. Great HTML support. About only missing feature is push.

Audio quality (speaker, handset,headset) sounds better than the 600. The new midi chip sounds much more realistic than the 600. Just listen to the "piano". It also has decent percusion as well.

Overall, this is the phone the 600 should have been. The 600 screen was a joke compared to other Palm PDA's and Pocket PC's.

There is very little this thing can't do well:

MP3 player, video player, phone, quick camcorder, quick digital camera, organizer, game player (at 320x320 they look great, much better than a gameboy), great conduit for free wireless internet access anywhere for your laptop (sprint ), except for push, email functionality with attachment support that rivals blackberry, and all around, basically a PC that fits in the Palm of your hand.