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    Okay, I could be setting myself up for pain here, but I have tried wading through posts and haven't seen anything about this issue.

    Snapper mail Premier

    Everything seems to work great except, when I am doing a send recieve. If I want to skip a message, I can toggle over to "skip message" with the 5 way, but the center button doesn't work on either "skip message" or "cancel". I can tap the screen to skip or cancel, but I can't use the button.

    The center button seems to work fine everywhere else.

    It is not really a big deal. I love my 650. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this.
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    I would contact Snappermail directly. However Will does surf around these forums regularly. I am getting a 650 soon, so hopefully this can get fixed. Snapper is excellent at resolving issues quickly.
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