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    I just installed the new version of xiino 3.3E (treo optimized) as a trial version. I use sprint pcs and used the old version successfully.

    Now the browser simply won't connect to any web site.. it perpetually says requesting or times out. I know thesprint pcs connection is good (it connects before this point. Any thoughts?
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    Excuse me for reposting this but I don't think it was getting enough view because of the misleading title.

    I love Xiino--it outperformed Blazer by a wide margin on my 600--but it seems pretty buggy during the first two days on the 650....locking up and getting stuck. Any other experiences? Is it compatible with the 650?

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    Mike, did you figure out the problem, I have the same symptoms.

    West Point, VA
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    Xiino does work on the 650, but I think the proxy server is down today.
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    true... It was working yesterday. Not today though.
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    Thanks guys,

    I thought it would connect the same as the Treo 650's Web app.

    West Point, VA
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    mine was working fine through yesterday not working today

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    It's working again now :-)


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