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    Trying to do a final decision on which one to buy.
    Main reason for software: Outlook subfolder sync required

    KeySuite Issues:
    -phone button hijacked to go to KS contacts instead of phone
    -search does not include sub-folders or all folders
    -subfolders are NOT put into the treo contacts
    -each subfolder must be added manually, requiring EIGHT clicks of the mouse - also any changes or deletions of folders requires manually editing hotsync custom settings
    -Each KS application is its own line in the hotsync custom screen, and must be individually changed if you want handheld or pc to override on a sync

    Beyond Contacts Issues:
    -search does not include sub-folders or all folders
    -Outlook must be default email client (I'm using email, and use outlook for contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc.) for there to be no error messages. I changed inboxtogo to "do nothing" but there are still two popup windows during suncing, although no errors in the log
    -button mapping screwed up on install (thinks its a 4 button handheld) but that was easily remapped.
    -subfolders are automatically synced - even if deleted or re-named - very nice
    - ALL contacts in ALL subfolders are synced to the treo contacts, so you get caller ID, etc.
    - easier to customize for one-time handheld or pc overwriting

    So, I am currently leaning towards BC as the program of choice. Am I missing anything? Any other benefits one way or the other?
    My main reason for preference is 1) ease of configuration and syncing and 2) all subfolders sync to the treo contacts

    I hope KS will fix these two issues soon.
    Hopefully, both of these programs will also allow you to search all folders for a contact, but I guess I can live without that one.

    Anyone know how to stop the BC errors and popups if I make yahoo my default email instead of outlook?

    Thanks for any input,
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    One more issue for BC.
    There are no individual application icons, so I cannot re-program the "contacts" favorite to go to BC contacts.
    This would be helpful, since I have calendar button pathed to BC today, but have no quick button to get to BC contacts.

    Does anyone know a way to create or path the specific subprogram for BC Contacts?
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    no thoughts, huh?
    Maybe I should have posted this in software, but so many of my issues are T650 specific that I thought I would get better feedback here.
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    You can get "Slap" or "Diddlebug". Either of this app can be mapped to a hard button. These apps have a preference menu that allows you to access another application, upon the 2nd press of the mapped button. From the pop-up list, I could see Beyond Contacts sub-apps like BC contacts, BC calendar, BC tasks, BC notes, etc. Hope this helps.
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    Actually you can get the BC individual icons to appear by using Filez and changing the attributes on those applications from hidden to appear. Then they will magically appear in the launcher.

    Try it I use it so I can individually set buttons to launch.


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