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    I just discovered the "Allow Wakeup" option in the Bluetooth screen's pulldown menu. This finally fixes one of my big beefs, which is that my Jabra headset couldn't wake up the phone when it was off. I wonder if this would also help some of the problems people are having with their handsfree car kits?

    I have the Peiker Aftermarket Hands Free Kit (same as the MOPAR/Chrysler UConnect but not the Chrysler factory-installed UConnect) and have had the same problems with the connection dropping between the T650 and the car as others have reported.

    Unfortunately, I JUST discovered the Allow Wakeup option while waiting for a flight to visit family for the Thanksgiving weekend -- and so I can't try it myself. Could somebody try it and let us know if it makes a difference?

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    It does make a difference but it doesn't fix everything. I have a BMW and the phone and car pair ok. However, there are times when I make a call that I can't ever hear anyone answer until I push the cancel headset button on the phone screen. Then, it starts to come over the car speakers. Doesn't make sense. Also, even with wakeup enabled, the phone will apparently lose the connection for no apparent reason. When it does, I have to turn the phone off and then back on to reconnect. I think it's definitely a phone issue and as stated P1 obviously rushed a product to market that still has quite a few bugs. Hopefully, these will get corrected.
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    tried it this morning. doesn't do anything to help and I have factory-instal uconnect
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    It didnt help on the Acura.. I found that option awhile back.. Still all messed up.

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