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    Upgraded Treo 300 to 650. Installed new Palm Desktop/Hotsync software, and then Easysync Pro (to sync contacts and calendar in Lotus Notes). Also, installed a patch from Lotus that put Easysync conduits directly into the Palm Custom view so they could be Enabled/Disabled.

    Treo is synching with Palm Desktop (getting apps to install via Palm) but does not seem to process EasySync and sync with NOTES.

    LOG RPT BELOW (and TREO device log says "out of space". Which is not the case as device is only using half of avail memory.).

    OK Quick Install
    EasySync Pro Log START 11/25/04 16:28:17
    EasySync Pro Log END 11/25/04 16:28:44
    Calendar - sync configured to Do Nothing
    Contacts - sync configured to Do Nothing
    Tasks - sync configured to Do Nothing
    Memos - sync configured to Do Nothing
    Conduit 'HotSync Exchange' Error: Unknown error. (65535)
    HotSync Error: Unknown error. (FFFF)

    Is anyone synching 650 with Notes using Easysync? Any tricks - or did you encounter the errors noted above?

    Thank you, DRR
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    From Lotus support site:
    The Tungsten T5 (and Treo 650) shipped with a new version of HotSync, 6.01, that is not compatible with EasySync Pro 4.2.2. This issue is under investigation. There is no workaround currently available.

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