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    I have a Treo 650 which is the first Treo that I have ever owned so please excuse the novice questions.

    First, is the screen protector a must? I clearly am not very good at putting it on as it already looks pretty messed up but I don't want to leave the screen unprotected.

    Second, any recommendations on "must have" software? I downloaded filez but I don't have anything else that didn't come with the device. I am a pretty casual user so I don't need the most powerful bells and whistles but wanted to know if there was some general consensus on things everyone should have.

    Thanks for the help!
    Jeff Kahn
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    Try doing a search on these threads with keywords like: freeware, essential, best application etc.
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    the screen protector that came with the 650 is not one i would use.

    look into boxware or brando.

    i wouldnt use my treo without one..
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