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    I got my Treo 650 delivered yesterday but finally got out of the house earlier today to activate it. Coverage inside my house is poor, so I didn't want to risk getting it provisioned from home. On my way out, I paired the free palmOne/Jabra 250 Bluetooth headset that palmOne gave me with my Sony-Ericsson T608 to test that out. The SE T608 allowed me to press the BT headset button to initiate a call using voice commands which I'm hearing won't be possible with the Treo 650. Lame. But that's not the point of this thread.

    The audio quality of the Jabra 250 sounded pretty good to me. I only had a chance to use it for a couple of minutes, so this was hardly a scientific test. But I don't think I heard any static.

    After provisioning the Treo 650 I got back home and paired the Jabra to the Treo. Here I was hearing all sorts of static and audio issues. But I'm not sure if the problem is simply that I was inside my house which, as I said, has poor Sprint coverage.

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to do a true A-B test when I'm out and about because I had switched the SE T608's phone number to the Treo 650, so the T608 is now inactive.

    So, two questions for other owners of the Jabra 250:

    1) Do you notice a lot of static with the Treo 650 / Jabra 250 combo?

    2) Have you been able to test the Jabra 250 with a different BT phone and, if so, how did it sound with that phone (please specify phone model(s)).

    Even though I'm still on the fence about whether or not I'd rather have a BT headset or the $50 I might can get for it on ebay, I am concerned about the possibility that the Treo 650 could have yet another flaw. I'm hoping my problems are related to my in-house coverage.

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    I have the same issues. I'm curious if anyone else does too, and has tried a different BT device. Is it the phone? Do all BT devices do this, or just this one?
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    I also noticed the static. But I don't have another phone or headset to compare it to.
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    Same here.. Mad static/crackling. No second phone to test it on. The person on the other end say I sound like I'm in a tunnel, even though I'm 12 inches away from the treo.
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    Even though your SE is no longer active, you can still call 611 and talk to Clair (customer service) to test the audio quality.
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    Has anyone used the Jabra 250 without getting tons of static on a 650?

    Has anyone used a different BT headset that does not have the static on the 650?

    This is truly annoying.

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    BlueTooth operates in the same radio frequency band as WiFi (2.4 ghz). I have WiFi here at the house and when I went to another part of the house away from the WiFi gear the static disappeared like magic. Now you see why they didn't include WiFi in the Treo 650.

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    For me the headset only has static near my computers which have numerous wifi/other blue tooth devices. I assume there's too much interference, although everything else seems to work relatively well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ReesR
    BlueTooth operates in the same radio frequency band as WiFi (2.4 ghz). I have WiFi here at the house and when I went to another part of the house away from the WiFi gear the static disappeared like magic. Now you see why they didn't include WiFi in the Treo 650.

    I am using WIFI & Bluetooth on my PDA2k at the same time everyday. Not a single problem with static.
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    Same problem here. If I am around the WiFi in the house i get static bot otherwise it seems fine elsewhere, but i havent used it too too much yet.
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    Well I have other bluetooth stuff, WiFi router, 2.4ghz cordless phone.. and a microwave. Guess I won't be using my Jabra250 around the house
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    I get ridiculous static with my G2. I find it hard to believe bluetooth headsets have this much static with all other phones and services. The fault HAS to lie with the 650.
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    I hate to say I told ya so, but this is what you get when not using BT 1.2.
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    SCOTT!! You got your 650! Congrats!

    Also, I was wondering: have you tired to pair the BT headset with your ZOdiac somehow? Maybe that way you could find and distinguish out if it's a Treo problem or not?
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    My free bt250 is unuseable inside my two buildings that have wifi, but is does work good outside and in the car. It looks like it will just stay in the car for now.
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    Direct me to the official poll if there is one -- otherwise I'll note it here...

    my Jabra BT250 from P1 has quite a bit of static with my 650. And I've tried it in multiple locations -- though it might be tough to get away from wifi and other 2.4GHz transmissions in SF, CA. That "interference" explanation, if true, seems like a weak excuse considering I've used BT stereo headphones/receivers in wifi cluttered environments and experienced zero static. I'll have to ask the engineers a bit more about how they manage that problem.

    BTW, I haven't actually activated the phone yet -- I conducted my testing by just dialing voicemail. And it seemed I was only able to successfully listen(i.e. hear voicemail recording) when in the headset profile. Trying hands-free did allow me to dial the last number via the headset(voicemail of course) but I didn't get any audio. I'm not alarmed -- my testing wasn't rigorous around that issue(i.e. I only tried this once or twice). Just thought I'd share just in case someone else sees that behavior.

    I'll be able to test this with a few different BT headsets next week. I'll report back if this thread is still alive.
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    I looked into this a bit today, as I was in a few different locations (visiting my parents and the in laws, the one positive I guess ) and able to test under different situations. Here's what I found.
    At my house where I have both wifi and a 2.4 GHz phone system the phone has to be right next to the headset to eliminate the static.
    Outside in the car I set it in the console of my wifes CR-V with no static at all.
    At my parents house with no wifi and just a 900MHz phone system there was no static with the phone in my pocket and on a desk with me up to 2 feet away. Further than that introduced static quickly.
    At the in laws, with no wifi and a 2.4 GHz phone system I was able to use the phone in my pocket with no static but any further away than that started to have issue.
    Location of the cordless phone handset or base units didn't seem to matter as long as I wasn't literally right next to them.
    Not stellar results to be sure, but thats what I came up with.
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    too tired to post more info, but two facts that apply to my experience with the Jabra BT 250:

    1) sucked with the Treo 650 - couldn't be more than 2 feet away from the headset regardless of the presence of other 2.4GHz gear or not. I own and operate a small wireless ISP and a whole segment of one of my networks is 2.4 GHz, so I have a decent understanding of interference and when interference is taking place. This was NOT the problem with the connection. It simply stunk.
    2) sucked with two other BT phones - the PPC-6601 and the V710 from Moto. Same problem. Not as bad, but the same. In those tests, I could get about 3 ft. away from the phone without problems...

    I admit it may be the unit I have. Until I have PalmOne's version of the headset, I really won't know. For now, though, the Jabra is going back. Its useless with any phone I've paired it with.
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    I compared the v710 and the treo 650 while in my office. We have wifi coverage throughout the building. I also tried both phones with a second bluetooth headset (motorola hS810).

    I only compared having the phone on the desk either on the same side as the headset or the opposite side.

    Jabra BT 250:

    - The motorola v710 had no static in either spot on the desk.
    - The treo had static for both desk spots - only went away when I held it even closer to the headset.

    Same results with the Motorola HS810 but slightly less static than with the Jabra.
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    I got out of the house today and tried out the 250 with my Treo 650. Looks like other posts about WiFi interference were probably on the money. Sound quality seemed pretty good. There was some faint static and/or a faint background "fuzz" but nothing that would have bothered me, and I can't say for sure that this was absent on my very brief Sony-Ericsson T608 test the day before.

    Feeling around for the proper button to initiate a call or raise/lower volume can be tricky. The part that's supposed to insert somewhat into my ear canal doesn't sit right, either, resulting in me having trouble hearing unless I push in on it with my right hand. But the 250 came with some extra ear attachments I think, so perhaps one of the other pieces will remedy this.

    As of now, I'm still not sure whether or not I'll keep the headset. I'd probably prefer to have the $50 cash (or whatever it's worth on ebay) and just use with a wired headset for in-car usage.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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