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    Quote Originally Posted by wikka
    Same here.. Mad static/crackling. No second phone to test it on. The person on the other end say I sound like I'm in a tunnel, even though I'm 12 inches away from the treo.
    ditto EXACTLY
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    I had the same static problems with the BT250. So, I went out and purchased a Motorola HS820 and the problem with with static goes away. Much better range also I might add. I have read good reviews on both headsets from users, I wonder if its an interaction between the T650 and the BT250?
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    Having horrible static at home, plus people say it sounds like I'm "underwater." I'll try it in the car next and see how that goes. Very dissapointed so far.
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    was there ever any resolution? I have been using three different headsets with three different phones over the last year and I can defenitively state that...

    1. my Treo 650 is LOUSY with static if I have it more than inches away from my headset, regardless of location and independent of any interference (driving in the car for instance, or on my couch, and I have no 2.4Ghz in the house)
    2. some headsets are better than others, but the static is definitely a Treo problem.

    I had the opportunity to try out my headset (a new Sony-Ericcson, not sure of the model offhand) with a Blackberry and I could walk at LEAST 15 feet away from the phone and had ZERO static here in my office. I have so much static that I can't take the phone away from my shoulder if I want to use it, which pretty much makes the bluetooth feature useless to me.

    So did anyone ever come up with a solution, is there a patch I'm not finding, or should I switch to Blackberry? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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