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    I spent 6 hours last night attempting to xfer some video (a ripped DVD in DIVX format) to my Treo. I opted to use TmpGen (great encoder) and played around with settings as follows. Here're my results with mmplayer:

    320x240 DivX 400kbps -> Played for 5 seconds, then I got bitrate too high warnings.

    320x240 DivX 300kbps -> Played for 30 seconds or more, then I got bitrate too high warnings.

    320x240 DivX 200kbps -> Played indefinitely, but I got bitrate too high warnings when I attempted to "fast forward" or "rewind" in mmplayer by playing with the "location" bar under the video.

    320x240 DivX 100kbps -> Same as above, video starting to look poor

    320x240 DivX 75kbps -> Same as above, video really looks like crap here

    320x240 XVID 200kbps -> Audio and video not in sync, no bitrate errors until I attmpted to "fast forward" or "rewind".

    * DivX control panel settings for quality were "Fast"
    * All had 16bit 22khz mono audio
    * At all bitrates I did get bitrate warnings when I used the side button on the T650 to adjust volume.
    * Was watching the video with 1X setting, fullscreen in mmplayer 2.14p1

    Bottom line, either this device can't support any decent bitrates for video, or mmplayer has some issues. I'm hoping it's the latter. What bitrates and resolutions are you using? How are they working? Does mmplayer allow you to ff/rewind during the video playback? Are you using something other than mmplayer?

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    I'm starting to play with this too...I started out with Pocket DVD Studio 2.02, but it bombs out after about 15 minutes or so with a memory access violation. I forgot about TMPGEnc...good idea, will try that instead..I purchased a license for that like 2 years ago but forgot all about it.

    Anyway, instead of playing back with MMPlayer, try playing it back with the built-in "Pics & Video" app, and see if that complains about high bit rates. I think you may have to use the HotSync method to transfer the file to the SD Card (slow), as I think it needs to convert the file to .asf (larger file). But I am not sure about this.
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    Ok, so this time, I took a 700MB DivX movie and dragged it to the install tool. Once conversion completed, the install tool said it was 650MB!! But, once Hotsync'ed, it only takes up 350MB. Very strange.

    However, once playing in the built-in app, I noticed the same problem as mmplayer, where I couldn't drag the progress bar to fast forward. Every time I do that, it restarts the clip. Has anyone else seen this?
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    adamt, try turning off all performance warnings in Settings for MMPlayer. I am able to play 200kbps files just fine.
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    I simply turned off the warning, and all my files play fine.
  6. #6 guys seem to be experienced Guru's w/ various Video software and Formats...What software can I use to change the original Video's Format to a Resolution playable in a Treo 650 (320x320 or 320x240)?... or even change the File from Mpeg to AVI?
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    Sabanum - see reply to YPM

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