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    I've been lurking in these forums for about a year (since I got my Treo 600 last year), and I have never needed to post a question...for the most part someone else has already asked or answered the questions I have had. But now I'm not sure what to do, and wonder what others are planning with regard to their new 650.

    I have had mine for a week or so, and am still kicking the tires. Some things are impressive, and others are no better than what the 600 offered me. About the only thing that really excites me is the bluetooth capability (yes the screen is pretty good also).

    Now here is my dilemma...I have 30 days to return the phone to Palm if I want. I see Palm is finally starting to address the memory issue. I'm going to be pissed if they release a new Treo in 3 or 6 months that actually has 64 MB of memory. I think I can live with my old 600 for another 6 months if necessary. So do I return my new 650 while I can and wait for the (once again) improved version? Others have got to be considering this also...I would love to hear what you are deciding.
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    Sorry, I really doubt there will be a new Treo in the next 6 months... Maybe I'm wrong and they will release one, but I doubt it...
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    I'm going to wait until at least April and see

    a) how they REALLY address the memory issue (not just ROM patch and useless 128MB card)

    b) if there are any rumors at least of the next REAL treo with 64+ MB of usable memory

    I don't qualify for the sprint 18-month $150 credit until april anyway, and I'm pretty happy with the 600. Bluetooth is nice, but it's not worth several hundred dollars.

    at least that's how I feel today.
    - ag47
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    I am no developer so this is just speculation.....

    They will fix this the issue,

    however... I believe a Rom update might be too cumbersome. I expect them to change specs on future productions. I also believe that when your hardware fails (chances are good, or can be arranged) and needs a warranty swap, they will send the latest hardware revision.
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    3 days with the 600... a few quirks... a few things I'd like changed... but you'll get this out of my hand when you pry it from my cold dead fingers... or when the next one comes out... I admit it... I just want 1 perfect device and THUS FAR, this is as close as we get.
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    2 of them were shipped to me (due to the nature of how I ordered) - figured that we'd just use the other one at the office here for someone. With all the issues that I've been having and hearing other people have as well, that one is going back to sprint and I might swap back to my 600 until an update comes out that can address some of my issues (voice quality being a huge issue for me as I live on the phone)

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