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    I am able to pair the 650 with my Jabra headset. However, when I try to pair it with the Lexus, it detects the Lexus bluetooth and I am able to input the passkey into the Treo. The treo says it is successful but the Lexus sits there waiting for the pairing to be successful and nothing happens. How can I resolve this?
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    I am interested to know about your experience. I am considering a T650 for my Toyota LC which I think has the same BT capabilities as your LS430.

    I will also like to know about the interaction between the T650 and the car's phone system, such as:
    1. Can you transfer the phone numbers from the T650 to the Lexus automatically?
    2. Can you initiate calls from either the Treo or the Lexus?
    3. Can you place calls while moving?
    Please keep us posted!!
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    ahpendo -

    I have had the exact same experience with my 2004 LS430 and Treo 650. I hope Palm will fix it quickly.

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    Could the problem lie with Toyota? I have read somewhere that some vehicle manufacturers did not fully implement all of the bluetooth capabilities. Just curious.
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    OK - I think I found the problem. When I pair my Sony phone with the Lexus, I have to press a "connect" button on the phone after it pairs with the Lexus for the Lexus to recognize it. The Bluetooth card software from the Palmone web site shows a "connect" button for the card but this is missing in the Treo 650's software. How do we get Palmone to issue a patch with the "connect" button?
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    Just an FYI, this exact behavior is being discussed already within this forum. We are seeing the same thing with the Toyota Prius, which uses the same BT system as the Lexus.
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    I have gotten a successful pairing and voice through my LS430's speakers one couple occasions, however, it always drops off. I am excited to see some kind of response.
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    How did you get the LS430 to pair?
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    Nah... I'm successfully using a T608 Bluetooth-enabled phone with my 2004 Lexus LS430.
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    It took a couple attempts before it actually paired and it wasn't the same each time. On most occasions after entering the passkey into the 650 the LS would do nothing. Then a few times it would recognize the device. The pairing would then drop every time after about five seconds. Interestingly, the last time I connected from the LS phone settings app, a call came in immediately and I was able to use the system for about 20 minutes. As soon as the call was over it dropped again. It seems like the system is completely functional for that five second time period. Having said that, I bought a Motorola 810 until someone fixes the issue.

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