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    Correct me where I'm mistaken, but..

    1. Contacts cannot be listed by "Firstname Lastname". Call me weird, but I like my contacts that way.
    2. There is no button that's guranteed to take you "home" to the dialpad.
    3. If you press "phone" and get the popup with the last few calls, the only way back without dialing one of those numbers is the hit right or left nav button.
    4. If you're in the call log there's no way back home unless you navigate to the cancel button and hit it.
    5. Same applies to contacts if you're been scrolling throught them and currently have a number highlighted. If you have a name highlighted it returns to the dialpad instead.
    6. Pressing "phone" on a favorite however, returns you to the dialpad without dialing the contact (assuming it's a speed dial favorite)

    Maybe i'm just used to pressing "phone" on my Treo 600 to get me "home" .. but I find i have to invest too much time in trying to figure out what i need to press to get back to the dialpad

    Also that huge delay between selecting a contact and the dialer actually showing up is annoying.. especially since it's a new phone and i'm sitting there wondering if i hit the wrong button because nothing is happening.
    (I only have about 100 contacts)
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    I agree. I don't like this new phone app at all. I also prefer the old phone app's four-spoke quick-launch capability. I wonder if the 600's phone app could be beamed to the 650? Of course, even if that worked, the Contacts app would still behave the way you described.

    One thing I just tried...If you go into "Prefs" and then "Buttons" you can assign another button (or Opt/Button combo) to the "Phone" app. If you do that, that button seems to always bring you back to the phone's dialpad screen. Of course, it's pretty dumb to have to reassign another button to do what the green phone button should do.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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