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    I am a happy customer. I'm shocked at all the negative rants on here (most seem to be coming from people who haven't even bought the phone though).

    First, to address some of the shortcomings complained about on here: I've only had ONE reset on this phone and it was when I installed AIM on it for a short second (quickly took it out: I hope AOL writes a good program for this phone soon)... otherwise, I have been using it heavily and have had no reset problems. I haven't gone after installing extensive programs yet, so I guess I haven't been bit by the memory problem yet. I plan on installing a 2 GB SD card semi-permanently for memory anyway.

    I've been syncing with outlook flawlessly, on verichat non stop, collecting and sending all of my emails on versamail without a problem, have gotten heavy use out of Doc2Go already (I'm a working student and have downloaded a couple of papers for review and edit while on the subway), stored my pdf resume for beaming/btoothing, bookmarked all of my heavily used websites (chase bank, ebay, school blackboard site, fantasy sports site) and have been accessing them fast and without a hitch, and enjoy snapping amazing (for a phone) pics and videos all over the city and sending them out more than I ever have done before (never really got into the phone cam thing until now), and I have had hours-long conversations with the lady extremely clearly and in spots where my previous nokia phone would break up.

    I have only touched the tip of the iceberg so far with my device, since I know there are tons more uses for it, but overall, I've shifted away from being glued to my laptop and I have done so ENJOYABLY and PAINLESSLY. Being on a PDA phone is no longer a chore, it is ENJOYABLE. This thing is beautiful and I don't see myself getting tired of it any time soon, and that says alot considering my A.D.D. when it comes to gadgets, especially phones.

    Sorry for having nothing negative to say, but this thing is as perfect as anyone has gotten it so far.
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    Well said. Even though I agree there are some issues for a new Treo user like myself it was not a deal breaker. The screen is absolutely gorgeous and the browser is a dream. I have my 1Gb ultra card. I plan on leaving my laptop at home in the future. Great product!

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