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    Got my 650 yesterday (thank you brown!) and set up all the panoply of things that were in my 600 and used Zlauncher to move everything that was not in ROM over to an SD card. Ended up with about 9.6 meg free which I guess is acceptable.

    My one struggle is with ereader. I don't seem to be able to store books on the card and the Zlauncher copying trick is painfully slow with the 5 books I have in there now.

    Will ereader not reside in RAM and see books in a card directory? Is there a trick I am missing? I have Isilo and I like that fine but I have bought a couple of books (notably the NIV bible) that that are ereader only (unless I am missing something).

    other than that I am pretty happy with the trade as I feel that there is more upside than down in the 600 to 650 swap...
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    I have found that eReader can only see books on SD cards that are stored in the Palm/Launcher directory. Some apps, like TomeRaider, can let you specify a directory to search, but the Launcher directory for eReader seems to be hardcoded. Personally, I don't like that as it clutters up the Launcher directory with all kinds of different apps and files, but what are you going to do.
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    Dale you are a gentleman and a scholar! I couldn't find this anywhere in the Docs!

    This makes ereader MUCH more usable this way!!
    I hate it when somebody has a cooler
    toy than me...
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    Once you open an eBook in eReader you can Copy it your SD Card by selecting the Book menu and choosing Copy....

    Or you can install eBooks directly to your SD Card by copying them to the \PALM\Books (create the folder if it doesn't exist).

    That's what I did and it's works great. PM me if you are still having problems.

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