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    Has anybody been able to pair a T650 with Toyota's BT?
    I am interested in knowing how well they work together. TIA
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    Sort of ... they seem to paired but it doesn't work well at all. Others have reported that after pairing (which never seems to finish on the Prius side, but it does end up adding the Treo as a choice under select phone) they can make ONE call if they do so quickly.

    I have found that it seems to be recognized by the car some of the time when I power on the car, but if I attempt to initiate a call from the car the phone disconnects.

    I've found the headset connections to be a bit flakey as well, though NEARLY not as bad as with the car. I have some static on the headset with this phone unless I'm holding the phone closer to the headset than it would be sitting on my desk.

    Is possible that some of the problem here is just a very weak bluetooth radio signal? Is there any way to measure the signal stregth?

    I'll post more if I find out! In spite of the other issues with this phone, I love it and would keep it if it could just work with the car.

    If you search these forums for Prius or Acura TL you'll find discussion of the problems - and same on the priuschat and priusonline websites. Supposedly the Lexus system works fine - strange since Prius should have the same system ...
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    I'll spread this around...
    As of an hour ago, my 650 and Prius work well together. I can make and receive calls (steering wheel button and touchscreen), but it's the phone that rings, not the car. Audio is fine. Touchscreen phone book and dialing works perfectly. I'm delighted.

    HOWEVER - something tells me this is a precarious situation, and that I'm best served by not turning that phone off.

    I got there by pairing, then as previously suggested making a call - just ignoring the cancel screen. After the third try, it seemed to work. Then it didn't, and after going through the ritual yet again I gave up. Then, hours later, I got in the car and pushed the steering wheel button and WOW!!! Go figger...

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