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    I just received my new treo 650, and I am impressed by the fact that it's usability has improved tenfold. what I am no impressed by is the fact that my p key does not recognize presses 90 percent of the time. anyone else have this problem?
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    Yes, but worse. Whenever I'd type m I'd usually get an n, which would often autorepeat. I'd also get an n many times just by hitting the space bar. The t key seemed permanently depressed.

    Originally I attributed the misreadings to a software bug, but it I eventually determined that the membrane beneath the keyboard was either loose or misaligned. So I called Sprint Sunday, they sent a working replacement unit that arrived Tuesday, and I've had no keyboard problems since. Now I can devote my time to resolving the reboot problem in Versamail.

    The Treo 600 was a much more solid build IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy70
    The Treo 600 was a much more solid build IMO.
    Heaven help us all if that's the case

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